Here are the guidelines of the Mass Intentions for the 2024 Mass Book:

1) On Monday, November 6, 2024we will begin receiving intentions for the 2024 calendar year.

2) People are asked to email us at, bring to the office or send by postal mail their typed or very clearly written list of Mass intention preferences.  Please have the names for the intention, dates and times preferred, and the list will be marked in order of receipt – first come, first serve.

3) Important: We no longer keep lists of intentions or dates reserved from year to year. It is the responsibility of the person (s) asking for the Masses to come each year to ask for the Mass intentions and dates.

4) Each person will have the limit of ten (10) Mass intentions for the entire year.  We will try to place the first 5 priority mass intentions closest to the dates and times that are preferred. The rest we will place where we can.

 a) The Rectory Office will be able to add one more intention to a Mass if a particular date is asked for by two different people: thus, having two intentions for that Mass. The second intention’s wording may have to be shortened due to space constraints.

 b) If a person has various names for an intention of a Mass, they can combine their intentions into one Mass and have them read in one of the following options:

 i) for a deceased person/s (up to four names for one mass intention)

ii) for the souls of the family of (John Smith)

c) For intentions with one name

 i) just writing the name which we assume is for a deceased person, or

ii) for the anniversary of someone’s death, or

iii)  for the birthday or anniversary of a living couple, or

iv) for the health of someone, or

v) for the special intention of someone

5) The Mass Stipend of $10.00 per each Mass should be given at the Rectory Office to the Secretary at the time of the petition for the Mass date and time or send it by mail to the rectory office. If that is not possible, then the Mass Stipend(s) should be brought soon after the petition is made to the Rectory Office or placed in the collection basket in an envelope with the following information written clearly on the outside of the envelope: (date and time of the Mass, the specific intention of the Mass and the name and contact telephone number of the person asking for the Mass).

6) Please Note: Each Mass has the infinite power of Jesus and is offered for the entire world. So, if you are not able to set an intention on a particular date or time you desire, please know that you can always attend that Mass, offer up your particular intention personally and that prayer is heard by God.