Dear Holy Infancy Family,

I am so happy to be back with you all. I missed you but now look forward to seeing you all at Church and sharing the fruits of my Sabbatical. I am deeply grateful for all those who made it possible for me to have such a wonderful experience of prayer, study and rest.

First of all I want to thank Fr. Mathur for all of his faithful pastoral care of our parish family. Since he also had his main work at the chancery, working with our Staff at making sure all the sacramental and administrative details were covered was an amazing job, especially with all the funerals that came in recently. He told me how he was happy to serve you all in this capacity. I could not have taken this time away without him.

I also thank Fr. Searles for his extra assistance and am so happy to have him here with us at Holy Infancy. All of our Deacons, Staff Members and Volunteers of our Parish and School were a great support to all of our priests and parishioners at taking care of as many details as possible. I am proud of them all for their dedicated service. Let’s all thank God for them in our prayers.

I pray that we all have learned to grow in taking to heart our mission of being more faithful followers of Jesus in His Catholic Church so that He can send us to “go forth and make disciples of the Lord”.

In Jesus,

Fr. Andy