Did you ever wonder what indulgences were?? 

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https://watch.formed.org/videos/are-indulgences-biblica  -Video in English




https://watch.formed.org/videos/sacramentos-confession-26-que-son-las-indulgencias –Video in Spanish




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Indulgences for the Souls in Purgatory or for ourselves


Indulgences are a beautiful way that Jesus, through His Church (the Body of Christ here on earth) can give those eternal graces to those in need of healing of the temporal effects of sin that has been forgiven – let me explain.

An example of a temporal effect of a sin I always use is – I can forgive you for breaking a Church window, but the window will still need to be fixed. This is all about relationship with our Loving Father who wants to heal His Children.  Although our sin is forgiven through confession, God allows the temporal punishments to remain, because they teach us that sin harms us and prompt us to conversion.  Our unhealthy attachments to sin must be purified and subordinated to the love of God so we can stand before His Holy Presence for all eternity.

Purification, of course, is not limited to indulgences. A person also may do acts of piety, penitence and above all the works of charity, all of which bring about purification as well.  But to receive the indulgence, we must:

  • Go to confession and be detached from sin

  • Attend Mass faithfully and receive Holy Communion

  • Pray for the intentions of the Holy Father (Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be)

  • And then offer the prayers and sacrifices that the

  • Church offers

For a Plenary Indulgence for a soul in purgatory, we are asked to pray the Creed and an Our Father. Or we can visit a cemetery to pray for the poor soul during the month of November.

Or for the year of St. Joseph, which ends December 8th, we can receive a Plenary Indulgence for ourselves by meditating for 30 minutes on the Our Father or pray a Rosary in family, or make a retreat day reflecting on the life of St. Joseph.

No one can be saved or healed without his or her free consent and without personal effort. We are getting a glimpse of heaven today!  May we live our lives in a way that shows we want to be there eternally!


PREP Clothing & Shoe Collection

Our Religious Education Program (PREP) are collecting the following usable items:

  • Usable & wearable clothing

  • Shoes (must be in a separate bag  clearly marked “shoes”)

  • Blankets

  • Tablecloths

  • Bed sheets

  • Drapery / Curtains

  • Towels

  • Quilts / comforters

Our PREP program will receive money for every pound we collect. Please put all donations into a bag. Donations can be dropped off at the rectory during office hours or at the back of church.