Your Parish Family needs your help! Make phone calls, talk to your neighbors and ask others to support our Raffle for their chance to win big cash prizes.  All the proceeds will go to a great cause of a new Church boiler that will keep us warm for many years to come! Now is the time to make the big push!  Every family selling or buying at least one packet is crucial for this the fundraiser to cover the cost of the new boiler! 

Listening Sessions


Thank you to everyone who has participated in the  Listening Sessions thus far!  We really appreciate your input.   It will not only be helpful to the Pope, but also to us here on a local level.  Your input will help us serve you better as we journey together in faith!  You can also do your surveys online.  Go to our website to our Synod page for more information!




This year, we ask you to fill out a form per family for your tickets with the number of adult and/or child dinners you need, and you will get a slip that you bring to the old school on February 5th.  We will be serving the meals earlier.  Slips with serving times will be color coded so bring the slip with you and someone will take your slip at the door and give you your food.  No one will enter the building except the cooks and servers.

Green from 5:00 – 5:30, Yellow from 5:30 – 6:00 and Pink from 6:00 – 6:30 PM


There will be a limited number of meals so do not wait until the last minute!    Dinner tickets are only sold after Masses on the weekends and at the Rectory Monday to Friday, 1:00 – 5:00 PM and must be paid right away.  These tickets are non-refundable – the dinner will continue snow or shine!

$15 per Adult

 Pernil and Spanish Rice
Feijoado and White Rice
Bacalao with Potatoes
Utensils (sealed package w/napkin)

 $5 per Child 5-12 years old 

  Chicken Finger
Ziti with sauce
Utensils (sealed package w/napkin)

Our wonderful multicultural Menu is always a wonderful way to prepare us for the Raffle Drawing which will be live streamed on our Facebook page at 8:30 PM.