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How to actually “meet people where they’re at” | Chris Stefanick Show

In this episode, we dive into the messy project of living as Christians with a real heart for everyone—in a culture that can be pretty antagonistic to our very existence. How do we balance reaching out and protecting our parish and family? Where do we draw this line when it comes to our kids? What does that look like practically in real time?

Sign of Peace


Since COVID began we have stopped any physical sign of peace at Mass.  Many people have taken to waving or bowing or some sign of contactless exchange of peace.  As of last weekend the diocese has said that we can go back to a “physical sign of peace” (such as a handshake) if you feel comfortable.  If you do not feel comfortable, just continue to what you are doing now.

Please do not force anyone to shake your hand if they are just waving to you.  So when the Deacon or Priest says, “Let us offer one another a sign of peace”, this is not just a greeting to say hello.  It is a communication of the peace of Jesus that is flowing through us because of our participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  So our sign of peace – even just a look at your brother or sister in Christ with love and a smile expresses that intention – but let it be real.  Really desire the peace to fill the people around you in church.  We are one Body in Christ – that desire for peace is a blessing for us all!  The Peace of Christ be with you!!