I want to thank everyone for your continued support of Holy Infancy Catholic School!  The minds and hearts of our children are being formed into God’s beautiful plan for their lives thanks in large part to your sacrifices!  We thank God for the blessings of our Catholic School and Parish Family!  On Sunday January 28th – we are celebrating our Parish and Parishioners.  See our insert…

★ Parent/student testimonials at Masses (8:15am, 10 am, 12 pm with Holy Infancy School Children’s Choir)

★ Church bulletins will contain information on our school

★ Thank you cards


The Floor and Pew Project is progressing very well!




The Sacristy Floor and the Church Nave Floor (center of the Church) has been finished with the porcelain tile.  Now the section in front of the altar, which will be marble, is being prepared.  God willing, we will be able to install the pews and do the touch up work on them as well.  Finally, the balcony floor is planned to be refinished using the planks from the back of the old pews and railing made from the pew ends and top rail of the old pew backs, will be added for additional safety to the balcony wall.

Please pray for all to go well to Renew God’s House so that many more people can continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus in this beautiful temple for years to come!