It’s that time again!  But don’t give up chocolate for Lent this year!  Check out this Dynamic Catholic Website and sign up for great email reflections during the season of Lent that can help you have the Best Lent Ever!
Also, you can check out Word Among us for daily reflections on the Scriptures in English or Spanish
Lent is right around the corner… Consider contributing to Operation Rice Bowl…


Operation Rice Bowl invites each family:


To eat a special sacrificial meal on each Wednesday during Lent
To deposit the money saved by eating less in a small rice bowl while the family is at the table
To offer this meal and sacrifice in an atmosphere of family prayer and devotion
To offer this money, the result of the sacrificial meal, in an simple white envelope that you mark on the outside ‘Operation Rice Bowl’ and hand in at the Collection at Mass on Sunday.
The funds will be distributed to the hungry as follows: 75% to overseas famine areas through Catholic Relief Services and 25% to the malnourished of the diocese and region.


Our Prayer for the Starving

Forgive us, Father, that we are so eager to make our own lives comfortable while others must suffer hunger and want.  Bless the little which we have done and multiply it, in Your mercy, to serve the needs of many unknown to us, but known and loved by You.  May some give thanks to You, as we do, for all your love and care.  Amen.