Next Weekend the liturgical year ends with the feast of Christ the King. We will celebrate the universal sovereignty of Christ. He, who is Lord of history, is our King by his death and resurrection. He defeated death and now leads us with his dominion of love, forgiveness and peace. Let us live in this Eucharist the joy of having Christ as our supreme leader who guides us towards the homeland of heaven.




Next week we also have the honor of celebrating his Mother, under the patronage of Our Lady, Mother of Divine Providence, Patroness of Puerto Rico. Mary who keeps us under the protection of God’s Providence and covers us with her mantle. Our Mother who from the Cross, Jesus left us as an intercessor before God. The one who received the Word made Flesh within Her so that Jesus would save us. A woman who stood firm in faith in the face of all adversity, in the face of all pain and with hope, she saw that everything was for our redemption.