Since ASH WEDNESDAY is a Day of FASTING – only one full meatless meal with two other snacks during the day for those who are 18-60 years old) and

ABSTINENCE – no meat, only fish or non-meat meals for everyone who are 14 and older,

– I encourage you to plan ahead so you can enter prayerfully into the fast and sacrifice of this holy time!


ASH WEDNESDAY and GOOD FRIDAY are the two days of FAST AND ABSTINECE during Lent for Catholics 18-60 years old.

Every Friday is a day of ABSTINENCE – NO MEAT – for all Catholics 14 and older.



Distribution of Ashes this year


1.) The Priest says the prayer for blessing the Ashes. He sprinkles the Ashes with Holy Water, without saying anything.

2.) Following the Sprinkling, the Priest says the formula “Repent, and believe in the Gospel” or “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return” only one time from the place where the Ashes are blessed.

3.) The Priests sanitizes his hands, dons a face mask, and sprinkles ashes on each of the faithful’s head without saying anything. The sprinkling takes place on the top of the head.




From the week February 22nd until the week of the 22nd of March, I invite you to join in a faith sharing group focused on the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We will be reflecting on the series on call “Forgiven” which is in English and Spanish

There would be 5 – 6 sessions, depending on the group’s preference, with videos about 30-40 minutes in length.  One of the episodes is one hour long and can be split up into two sessions of 30 minutes.  Then there will follow a faith sharing experience led by a leader of each group for about 30-40 minutes.

The groups can pick a time to watch the video individually in their homes and then join in a zoom session together to discuss based on some reflection questions provided.  This can be on Wednesday evenings or any time or day that works best for each group.  The main idea is that the parish is focused on God’s Forgiveness together during these weeks of Lent.

If you are interested and have a computer or smart phone with internet, please email the parish at stating your interest and we will try to get you united to small group.


Scripture Sharing Group in English



Scripture Sharing group meets on Wednesdays for one hour at 10:30 am by Zoom. We reflect on and discuss the upcoming Sunday readings. To join the group, simply email and you will be sent the link. All are welcome!