We are especially grateful for God’s gift of our mothers as our life was nurtured in their bodies before we were born and through their care after our birth.  All mothers who wish to be true to their high calling need only look to the woman who became the greatest mother of all.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, our Blessed Mother, is the true model of motherhood.

Blessings to all our Mothers, living and deceased!


Ascension Thursday


The Celebration of Ascension Thursday, in many dioceses throughout the world is celebrated on Sundays, but in our area, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Diocese of Allentown have retained the celebration on the Thursday, 40 days after Easter.  Come celebrate this wonderful holy day with the hope of lifting up our bodies and souls into heaven where Jesus is drawing us to share fully in the effects of His Resurrection!


Schedule of Masses:


Wednesday, Vigil Mass 5:15 PM – Eng.,

Thursday, 7:30 AM – Eng., 12:15 PM – Eng.,

 7:00 PM – Span./Port.


Mass Intentions:


Due to the situation of not having our regular schedule of Masses but having additional mass intentions, we will add an extra intention for the 10 AM and 12 Noon Masses with the hope look at our schedule in the future.  Even with these extra intentions, the Mass Intention Book is almost full for the whole year of 2021.  However, know that when you make your personal intentions as you attend Mass, every Mass is offered for the whole world and has infinite power of Jesus Saving Death and Resurrection to be applied to souls that you are offering to God.