I highly encourage every adult to consult a funeral director of your choice to discuss what is involved in preparing a funeral. It may seem like a morbid idea, but it is actually an act of charity for your whole family. Some of our local funeral homes advertise on our bulletin and I ask you to patronize them.

What does the Church say about Cremation?


In recent years, Catholic funeral practices have been impacted by the increasing popularity of cremation as a means of providing for the final disposition of the body. As a result, a number of burial practices have been embraced by some Catholics which are not permitted according to the “Order of Christian Funerals.” In order to help in funeral planning and allow you to follow the teachings of the Catholic Church, please review the following principles regarding Cremation in the Catholic Church.

On March 21, 1997, the Holy See granted an indult to The Order of Christian Funerals, giving permission to the U.S. Latin-rite bishops to allow the celebration of the funeral liturgy in the presence of cremated remains. This practice was never intended to be viewed as an “equally” good alternative to the traditional funeral rites of the Church which entail the burial of the body intact.

When cremation of the body is chosen, the Church still prefers that the body be cremated after the Funeral, thus allowing for the presence of the body at the Funeral Mass. When circumstances require it, however, cremation and committal may take place even before the Funeral liturgy. Most of the usual rites which are celebrated in the presence of the body of the deceased may also be celebrated in the presence of the cremated remains. The primary symbols of the Roman Catholic Funeral Liturgy are retained even when the funeral liturgy is celebrated in the presence of the cremated remains. The cremains may be carried in procession and/or placed on a table where the casket normally would be. Photographs and other mementos may be used at the vigil and cemetery.

Information on cremation be continued next week.





Lucky 7 Raffle!

Get ready for our Lucky 7 Raffle – coming soon!  This year play it safe, wear a mask!

Along with the usual ways of getting tickets, through friends, we will have the packets of tickets in Msgr. Butler Hall for safer distance when filling out the tickets.  We will also have the option of you sending your information and money online through a special button on our website, and then we will send you your tickets.


Christ the King Sunday

Next weekend, for Christ the King Sunday, the palms that were blessed on Palm Sunday will be at the entrance of the Church to be distributed for those who would like some.  Although they are dried, they are still blessed and can be used as sacramentals in your home.  Celebrating Christ the King is a good weekend to bring out the Blessed Palms since palms were used for welcoming Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem like a King!