Every year this time I am usually returning from helping out as a spiritual director at the Institute for Priestly Formation’s 8-Day Silent retreat in Omaha NE.  It is for seminarians from all over the U.S.  Our own Allentown Diocesan Seminarians also attend this summer program during one of their summers of formation.  IPF’s summer school for seminarians begins with an eight-day silent retreat, followed by daily classes and one-on-one meetings between each seminarian and an assigned spiritual director.

This Institute of Priestly Formation has been more than just another hat for me.  This has really been my life-line in being renewed in the priesthood; opening me to a deeper love for Jesus and the Church during these last 12 years of my 18 years of priesthood.  Although it is difficult to be a priest nowadays, as it is difficult to just be Catholic, the blessings are infinitely more that any sacrifice.  Together we persevere and grow in the awareness of how we are blessed to be united to Jesus, especially in the challenges of life. Please pray with me to be renewed in our love for Jesus who makes us able to fulfill the Father’s plan in our lives.

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