The theme for this Advent from our new Bishop Schlert is, “I will be home for Christmas!”  That old Bing Crosby song does invoke some of the same sentiment that this Advent should give us.  It was originally written in 1943 from the perspective of soldiers away from their families for Christmas during World War II.  The song also captures the sentiment of any loved one away from his or her family at Christmas time.

The Bishop wants to welcome back all those who may not be coming regularly and he wants our help – those that do come regularly – to make them feel particularly at home this Christmas.

Please invite your loved ones back this Christmas and help them to stay!  Think about people you have not seen for a while and give them a call and an invite to consider attending Mass again.  You will bring the light of Christ to them to make them realize how much the Father wants them back home in Church!

Penance Service

On December 12th at 7:00 PM, we will have our Advent Penance Service in the Church.  Following a brief service, we will have the opportunity to make a good confession to prepare our hearts to receive God’s mercy.  Please come and beat the rush before Christmas!  Regular Confessions are every Saturdays 4 – 5 PM and extra time on Saturday, December 23rd  from 3 – 5 PM