IPF Priests of St. Joseph and Summer Sabbatical


This June, I will be a priest for 21 years already!  It is a great life, and I only want to grow in the graces of the priesthood.  To that end, I have been discerning with my spiritual director about asking for a sabbatical this summer.  The Bishop accepted my request and so I will be going to Omaha, Nebraska to participate in the spiritual formation program that our seminarians receive.  I will leave on May 30th and return at the end of August. 

 I asked for this sabbatical because I want to grow in the priesthood to serve you better when I return at the end of the summer.  I also am doing this because for the last 4 years I have been in formation as part of the IPF Priests of St. Joseph.  It is part of the Institute for Priestly Formation that is centered in Omaha, NE.  I go out there to be a spiritual director with the seminarian eight day retreats every year and that is also where I made my thirty-day silent retreat back in 2006.  Here is a link where you can read more about the IPF Priests of St. Joseph. https://priestlyformation.org/about/ipf-priests-of-st-joseph.html

 This really is really important for my priesthood – you can say it is a call within a call.  The focus of this association is to continue being a priest in the diocese but also to be available to be a spiritual director for other priests.  I know how much I need spiritual direction.  When we priests are more open to God, others around us receive more of those blessings as well.

 While I am away, Fr. Mathur will be the overall Administrator of the parish while still working in the Chancery full time.  Other priests, along with our deacons, will be helping to cover the pastoral care of the parish.  Obviously things will not be the same this summer, but the basics of parish life will be covered.  I thank you for your understanding while I am away.  I also hope that you all will grow to see your part more clearly in the life and growth of this parish.

 Although I will be out of touch physically during these months, I will remain in touch with you all spiritually.  I ask for your prayers, as I will pray for you.  I will share more details as we get closer to May. Thanks, and God bless.

Dear Friends,


This weekend we kickoff the 2021 Because We Are Catholic Annual Appeal (BWAC). I am so grateful for your continued generosity to this important diocesan fundraising initiative. The Because We Are Catholic Annual Appeal funds the annual budget that offers vital services like Catholic Charities, care for our retired and infirmed priests, education of Seminarians and Deacons, Catholic schools and support for our centers for special learning. I encourage you to join me in making your gift to the BWAC and support these important ministries. Together we will make a difference in the lives of many people. Remember, every gift counts, no matter how small. To make your gift, please return the pledge form that you will receive in the mail or visit the Appeal’s website at www.BecauseWeAreCatholic.org or call the Appeal Office at 800-831-4443.

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