Thank you for all who have sold or purchased raffle tickets already!  If you can sell or buy one or more packets, please do so!  If you have not yet taken a packet of tickets, we need you to make the sacrifice today!  Your parish family needs every one of our families to do a little so we can all do a lot together!  Time is running short – just three more weeks, so get your tickets today! 

Raffle Facts

Last year we gained $40,000.00 profit from the raffle!

This year, we hope for $50,000.00 in profit.

As of last Sunday, only 411 packets are distributed, and only $11,760.00 returned






Why do we need your help with the raffle?

Raffle proceeds will be used to paint around the windows, roof line and steeple of the church.  Estimates are as high as $85,000.00 due to the work involved and the cost of the equipment to get up to the steeple.  With these examples of aerial drone photos we can see how badly the outside needs painting and we also found some holes in the steeple as well that need to be fixed!