Thank you for all who have sold or purchased raffle tickets already!  If you can sell or buy one or more packets, please do so! 
If you have not yet taken a packet of tickets, we need you to make the sacrifice today!  Your parish family needs every one of our families to do a little so we can all do a lot together!  Time is running short – just two more weeks, so get your tickets today! 
Raffle Facts
Last year, thanks to you, we raised a total of $54,000.00 with the Raffle and the Dinner!  After the prize money was given out, we had a $40,000.00 profit from the raffle! This year, we budgeted for and need the same amount of profit
At this point, however, we only raised a total of $26,000.00 which only gives us a profit of $11,500.00.  So, we need everyone’s help to reach our fundraising goals.  This is one of the two major fundraisers we need each year to help pay for some of the bills that our Sunday collection cannot cover.  We need all the tickets that are out now to be sold and returned and we also need to sell an additional 100 packets of tickets.
Why the raffle?
Last year, thanks to God’s blessings through this raffle, we were able to pay off the final bill of our school roof ($27,000.00) and the bills to cover necessary school renovations ($12,000.00).  This year already we had to replace slates on the church roof and need to fix other parts of the church and Rectory roofs.  We have to do more work on the church steeple, continue painting parts of the school and other work around the church and rectory.
Final Push – Extra Bonus Prize $250.00!
Thanks to the generosity of our first bonus winner, who donated her winnings back to the church, we can offer one more incentive.  Those who sell or purchase one or more packets that have the parish seal, and return them with your other tickets before January 29th, will have the chance to win an additional $250.00!  That’s another chance to win $250.00 for each additional packet sold and returned by January 29th!  Just drop the sold ticket envelopes in the weekend collection or bring them to the Rectory!
May God bless you for your ongoing support of your parish family!