This raffle is a fun way to sacrifice for the support of your parish family!  If you cannot sell a packet of tickets, I ask each family to please make a sacrificial gift of $100 and buy at least one packet.  You will know you helped to paint the church and you get a chance to win up to $5,000.00! 

As you can see in these photos, the painting cannot wait.  The lift to get up high is expensive, but it is needed for the work of scraping, painting and fixing any holes that are in the steeple.  See below why this project is needed.  Your sacrifice will make it happen!







Thank you for all who have sold or purchased raffle tickets already!  If you can sell or buy more packets, please do so!  If you have not yet taken a packet of tickets, we need you to make the sacrifice today!  Your parish family needs every one of our families to do a little, so we can all do a lot together!  Time is running short – just two more weeks, so get your tickets today!