Msgr. Butler’s Chalice was found in a closet during the process of getting ready for the Parish Yard Sale this past October.  It was in pretty rough shape.  So in honor of the anniversary of his passing to eternal life on December 16, 1997, we decided to have it refinished so that it can continue to be used again here at Holy Infancy for years to come in Msgr. Butler’s memory.  You can see in the picture of what it was like and how it is now.  The refinishing was done at Adrian Hamers in Larchmont, NY and cost $1,120.00.  If anyone would like to donate for the refinishing costs of this chalice, as well as the other sacred vessels used for the Holy Eucharist that also need refinishing, please take an envelope from the table here near the Sacred Heart side altar or use a blank white envelope and write on it “Chalice Restoration” and place it in the collection.