We thank our Blessed Mother Mary for obtaining for us the miracle good weather for our Multicultural Fest.  Despite the forecast and the threat of rain which kept some people away, in the end the rain was held in the sky during all the scheduled hours of the festival.

The miracle was that it poured down rain on Saturday morning before the festival began that day.  After that, there was no rain all day long and even the sun came out!  We were so happy we decided to extend the festival for an extra half hour.  When everyone was enjoying themselves, it was as if God, as a patient Father said, it is time to go to bed!  At 10:20 PM a big rainfall came all at once that sent people scurrying away.

I laughed so hard because I got called inside at 10:15 PM to take care of a question someone had inside the school.  When I heard the commotion and looked outside, I marveled at God’s humor and how our Heavenly Father waited until everything was over before the rain came.  So many people asked Our Lady to obtain this gift for us and had their statues facing outside their houses.  Our Mother Mary obtained the miracle for us so God would hold up the rain until the end.  Everyone saw the rain like a big finale to a wonderful event of our Parish Family!


Thank you Lord and thank you Blessed Mother from all our Parish and School Family!


Multicultural Fest Financial Summary


Again, I want to thank everyone for their help for a wonderful Multicultural Fest!  The final numbers of the proceeds that we have so far are as follows:


Food and Drink Sales: $14,068.00

Sponsorship and Donations: $18,614.00


Entertainment, Food, and Miscellaneous items: $10,643.00

Total Income: $32,682.00

Total Profit for Holy Infancy School: $22,039.00