Thank you all again who participated in any way for the building up of the kingdom of God here on earth through our Multicultural Fest.

Although the Multicultural Fest has concluded, I feel the movement of the Spirit to continue events like this for the strength of our parish family. Again, the main goal of the event was the strengthening of the unity of our parish. If we are united in Christ, we will work for and receive all that we need to continue doing the Father’s will!

Since we do need the financial support, the following is a breakdown of the event as of June 25th.

Gross Income: $35,613.00
Expenses: $17,085.00
Total Profit: $18,528.00

Praise God for his goodness to us and for the way each of the members of this parish and school family exhibit the Lord’s goodness in their lives! God bless you all!

Please download the Mass Schedule Preference Sheet and return to the church by July 10th to have your opinion counted.