We thank all who participated in the Focus Groups a week ago.  From those sessions, we were able to further prioritize and develop some ways to start addressing the issues that came from our surveys.  The celebration of the Mass was the main focus.  So as an example, we will be working on things such as; an explanation of the Mass during the homilies and bulletin, better proclamation of the Scriptures and encouraging more people to sing, and a question box in the Church where parishioners can ask what is on their minds, just to name a few.  More to come as our parish begins to plan together how to respond to God’s call to live our faith as a family.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Taco and Pastelillos Preparation – September 9
The 2017 Diocesan Family Festival will be at Steel Stacks on September 24  from  11 AM  until  4 PM.  Holy Infancy will be selling Tacos, Pastelillos and Bifana Sandwiches.
Volunteers are needed for preparation of Tacos and Pastelillos for sale at the Diocesan Family Festival.  Preparation will take place at the school Auditorium on Saturday, September 9 starting at 9 AM until about 11 AM.