As our Parish Pastoral Council will have our focus group sessions this week.  These focus groups will help us further develop ideas about how to reasonably address the issues that were raised in our parish surveys and listening sessions.  This information will then be used in our next Parish Pastoral Council Meeting to develop our Pastoral Plan.

On Tuesday, August 22nd  from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM we will be working on the Worship and Spirituality Focus Groups in the School Hall.  So, the leaders of the areas of service in Worship and those involved in providing retreats or interested in developing our Spirituality of our parish should come to that night.

On Thursday, August 24th  from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM we will be working on the Youth, Unity, and Resource Focus Groups in the School Hall.  So, those involved these areas or interested in helping in these areas are invited to attend one of these focus groups.


Religious Education News


It is that time again!  Please take the time to call and sign up for religious education for children or for adults who are in need of the Sacraments and continuing religious formation.

All children should be attending classes every year, even if they are not presently ready for the next Sacrament.  Religious Education is an ongoing formation process for us all!

Any adult who just wants to renew their faith should consider RCIA in English on Tuesday evenings or in Spanish on Saturday Evenings.  It is not just for those who need Sacraments.