Back in April, we had a survey of our parish life. Some of you have been wondering, what did they do with those surveys? Well, we have been studying them in our Parish Pastoral Council in our monthly meetings.  We are now ready to start discussing the results with the parish community. On the weekend of July 29th  and 30th  we will have listening sessions based on a summary of the results after all the Masses to get more feedback. By that time, we will also have a full presentation of the results on our website under a new page – “Parish Pastoral Council News” at


The main topics of the Survey Results are the following:


Worship –  improvements needed in how we celebrate our Liturgies

Spiritual Growth – desired opportunities for growing in Faith and Charity

Youth – culturally, socially and spiritually we need to involve our youth

Unity Activities –  evangelizing and socializing without excluding

Resources – how to better employ our finances and volunteers


After the Listening Sessions, we look forward to having some Focus Groups on August 22nd  and 24th  so we can provide some concrete ways to respond to these needs in our parish life.  We pray many of you will participate so that our parish can grow as a family of faith!