Our Parish Pastoral Council has been formed!
This weekend at the 11:45 AM Mass, we will have a small ceremony to ask God’s blessings on this council. We count on the prayers of the entire parish family for God to give success to the work of our hearts, minds and hands!  We will keep you updated on our progress and how we plan on obtaining input from everyone to form our parish vision.
Fr. Andy Gehringer (Pastor)
Fr. Brendon Laroche (Ex-oficio)
Deacon Tony Ocampo (Deacon representative)
Sr. Moira Frawley (Religious representative)
Dean Donanher (Chair of the PPC)
Jeanne Negron-Garcia (Vice Chair of the PPC)
James Santanasto (Finance Council Rep.)
Kayne Pentecharsky (Secretary) 
Bernie Brandstetter
Lidia DaSilva
Lucy DeCastro
Rosa Fernandes
Joanne Garcia
Jennie Gilrain
Yaritza Ortiz
Olga Negron