We thank Ms. Yaraivette Fernandez, who worked very well with our program last year, but due to her other responsibilities, had to step down from this ministry.

We thank her also for being available to help Ms. Gabby and Ms. Andrea through the transition.


Presenting Mrs. Andrea!





Andrea Giganti Dima is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a Juris Doctor and worked as a lawyer fro 10 years before moving to the US. She met her husband Rafael while both of them were volunteering in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, and they got married in 2003. Her two older children, Diana and Tadeo, were born in Buenos Aires, too. The family moved to Wisconsin in 2011, and in 2012 David was born, completing the family.

 While living in Wisconsin, she had the beautiful opportunity to lead the Religious Education program in St. Mark Parish, in Kenosha. She also has trained and is certified as a Spanish teacher, has worked in Middle and High School and now is working with companies and individuals who want to use the language as a common ground to connect with people. Trying to understand the different cultures behind the language.

The family moved to Bethlehem a year ago, and when they found Holy Infancy, they felt this was a community to call home. Andrea feels very honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve the members of the community who want to say “yes” to their faith and proclaim it!