As of October 31st – November 1st, we will go back to receiving Holy Communion at the regular time during the weekend Masses.  The reason we started to have the reception of Holy Communion at the end of Mass was to avoid having a lot of people leaving the Church at the same time and to maintain the six-foot distance between each person.

Now, since everyone is more familiar with this protocol, we will start receiving Holy Communion after the priest and deacons at all Masses.  Please take extra care not to congregate in Church or even outside in close groups.  If someone is getting out of the pew close to you, give them the proper space to leave before you while maintaining that distance as you leave, always while wearing your mask.

How to Receive Holy Communion

      Also, I wanted to take the opportunity to encourage everyone to take extra care while receiving Holy Communion.  Please do not feel rushed.  It is difficult to receive Holy Communion with masks on.  As you approach the altar in a single file line, split off to the priest or deacon or Extraordinary Minister on the side of the church that you are sitting, bow and step forward. The minister says, “The Body of Christ”, and you respond, “Amen.”

        Then if you are receiving on the tongue, you lower your mask and open your mouth and extend your tongue sufficiently to receive, and then replace your mask and continue back to your pew for your act of thanksgiving. 

        If you are receiving on the hand, after you say “Amen” lower your mask and then stretch out your arms fully and hold your hands like a little flat throne for Jesus at the level of your heart.  Receive Jesus and carefully step to the side so as to not drop the Sacred Host and immediately place Jesus in your mouth.  Replace your mask and walk back to your pew to make your act of thanksgiving.  

The Examen or sometimes referred to as the Examination of Consciousness

This involves 5 steps: before you begin; Pray to ask God to help you with this prayer.

1st step – is “Gratitude”; give thanks to God for the benefits I have received.


2nd step – is to ask for the “Grace to know my sins” and rid myself of them.


3rd step – is a “Review of your day”; from start to finish.  What made you happy, sad, stressed, confused, what helped you be more loving. Think about everything. St. Ignatius says: “Each moment offers a window into where God has been in my day”.


4th step – is asking for “Forgiveness” from God for my faults.


5th step – is to ask God for the “Grace” you need for the next day and the ability to see God’s presence more clearly.


Then end with an Our Father.