The renovation project in the school is coming along beautifully.  The Main Office walls and floor have been refinished.  It has such an inviting look now.  The main auditorium and foyers are getting the finishing touches of paint giving it a fresh new look also.  People are saying that it looks bigger and brighter with the beautiful shades of blue.  These renovations will continue to bless our parish celebrations for years to come!

Thanks to all the volunteers that have been working on it thus far: especially Joe Sedler, John Hoffer, Jose Manuel Santiago, Jorge Rauen, Barbara Karabin, Pablo Victoru, Roberto Ortiz, Maria Nagle, Estefania Perdomo, Juan Abreu, Jimmy Flores, Hector Lopez, Andre Reis and Bruno, Valdecir Grande de Jesus, Jose de Jesus and Wanda Mendez, along with the our staff Jose Melendez, Ron Yeakel, Angel Padilla, Joe McCarthy and all the student volunteers doing community service.  If I forgot anyone please forgive me – with so many volunteers and people coming in and out it has been a wonderful flurry of service to God and the Church!

Remember we need help with volunteers to put in the new floor!  Thanks to our parishioner Jose Garcia and his company, Vanessa’s General Contractor, the labor will be donated to the parish and we will only have to pay for the materials.  We just need some strong volunteers starting Wednesday August 10th, to move the materials and help with the work.  Please call the rectory or sign up after mass to help out.