I just returned from my annual 8-Day Silent Retreat in Omaha, Nebraska, praying that we all receive God’s love in powerful new ways this Lent.  You might say, 8 days of silence and in Omaha – why!?  Because, I need it!

The silence really helps to focus us in on God’s Holy Presence always with us and to detox us from the constant noise that envelops us!  It creates a spiritual environment that disposes the heart to listen to God’s powerful voice whispering to us about His infinite love.

Omaha, Nebraska is where the Institute for Priestly Formation has its home base.  The Mission of IPF is to serve the continual spiritual formation of priests and seminarians.  It is a spiritual life line for me and has renewed my priesthood in a continual way.  It is the continual formation in spirituality that I need so that I can hopefully be a more effective priest to serve you all!  Check out their website at http://priestlyformation.org/