We received 3 estimates for improvements to the sound system.  Similar improvements were suggested by each of the three companies.  The proposals were reviewed, and we awarded the contract to the company providing the best value.  New microphones, in line speakers and jacks will be installed.  Some of base equipment will be replaced.   The work is expected to be complete in 4 weeks.   


Envelopes to aid in the support of this sound system project can be found in the entrance of the church!


Congratulations to our Raffle Bonus Winner!


Elaine Pittack won the Bonus $150.00 prize, plus the Four Free Multicultural Dinner Tickets! Lisa Tavares was the seller of the winning ticket!  Are you the winner of one of our big raffle cash prizes?!  You have to play to win!!


Your sacrifices for the Raffle will help to paint around the exterior windows, repair the church and you get a chance to win up to $5,000.00!