5 years ago, Sr. Luiza Simon came to start her mission with us here at Holy Infancy.  Last weekend, she shared with us that the Lord is calling her to her next mission.  This was her message for those who might not have heard.

“As we hear our readings the Spousal imagery and Jesus at a wedding ceremony, it evokes in me feelings of anticipation… excitement.. nervousness.. but most of all, a deep sense of peace, joy, and gratitude… “and as a bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so shall our God rejoice in you and me.

 During this Christmas break, I wrote my letter asking for permission to Profess my Perpetual Vows this August; to give the gift of my whole self, in chastity, poverty, and obedience, as a Sister of Christian Charity —FOREVER!

 Those of you who are married, or discerning marriage, know what I’m going through in a sense, correct? Pray for me, because however romantic and sweet it is to get married and especially to be vowed to God FOREVER, all relationship has its joys and sorrows. Correct? But in the deep exchange of “I love you, God”, everything becomes peaceful.

 And the Lord, in His great love, invited me to be with Him on a next mission, back to my home country Philippines, to help care for our blind children and young women.

 This May, I will be finishing my time here at Holy Infancy.. then leave to spend the summer in preparation for Final Vows, then head to Philippines sometime after Vows in August.

 At this time, Fr. Andy and I are actively speaking with someone to continue the service of leading our PREP program starting in May. Pray for the one whom God will call to serve our parish family, for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

 Since I am still here until end of May, we will save our farewell, and rather, let us give praise to God, glorifying Him by the life we live. Thanking Him for the love that we have for each other.

 Lastly, as I have promised Fr Andy….

Please buy Lucky 7 raffle tickets.

I hope to see more of you here so we can pray together and we can all enjoy the fruits of our Lucky 7 Raffle.

In all these… THANKS BE TO GOD!”


A big thank you to all those who already have participated in our Lucky Seven Raffle!  If you have not gotten your Tickets to sell, please do so today – now is the time to make the big push with only 2 weeks away!  Please talk to your friends and share our information about the raffle on

Facebook.  Every family selling or buying at least one packet is crucial for this the fundraiser.  It is basically a one-hundred-dollar donation for the Church Boiler with the chance to win that money back and a lot more!  Thank you again for your support!



Multicultural Take-Out Dinner tickets will also be available after Mass!  This year, we ask you to take your time and fill out completely a form per family for you with how many adult and/or child dinners you need and you will get a slip that you bring to the old school on

February 5th.  We will be serving the meals earlier.  Slips with serving times will be color coded, with half hour times slots, starting at five o’clock.  Please see the time on your ticket for pick up.   We are only selling 240 meals so do not wait!  And we are only selling dinner tickets after Masses and at the rectory.



SAVE THE DATE! Cooks with Collars officially kicks off on January 28, 2022 with 30+ pastors sharing delicious recipes and showing off their cooking skills in the kitchen! Stay tuned!

Get ready Holy Infancy Family and Friends! We will have a video on Cooks with Collars this year. Get ready to give your support to Holy Infancy for this wonderful event that will also help Catholic Charities!