(Photo of Sr. Moira when she worked in Guatemala)
Many people have asked if we are going to have something for Sr. Moira before she finishes her mission here at Holy Infancy.  She pleaded for me to not have anything, but we must.  In the spirit of Sr. Moira’s Franciscan Simplicity, we will have coffee and cakes in Msgr. Butler Hall after all the Masses on the weekend of October 28th – 29th.  If anyone would like to donate cakes or donuts for that weekend to share after the Masses, please call the rectory to let us know what you will bring.
Also, as people have asked what they can give to Sr. Moira in thanksgiving for all her wonderful service.  Again, she requests that people would refrain from giving gifts.  But if anyone insists upon giving something, I would suggest a gift of cash so that she can give it to the poor or her community which is where all the gifts she receives end up going.