The space in Msgr. Butler is definitely smaller than upstairs and so for the Spanish Mass that has the most attendees, it will be tight.  So I thank everyone for their patience in the process until we can finish the project.  Please try to spread out to the other Masses so that the 10 AM Spanish Mass is not overcrowded.

Please pray for all to go well to Renew God’s House so that many more people can continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus in this beautiful temple for years to come!  Here are some more photos of the process of moving; the Baptismal Font took about 10 guys, and the porcelain tile work in the Sacristy…


Our Lady of Altagracia



Our Parish Family will celebrate Our Lady of Altagracia on Sunday, January 21st in Msgr. Butler Hall, starting with the Holy Rosary at 9:20 AM and followed by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Spanish at 10:00 AM.

“O Sweetest Mother of Altagracia, you who had the joy of receiving in your arms the body of your Most Holy Son who died on the cross for us, we beg you to come to our aid at the our of our death, so that by dying with the name of Jesus on our lips and hearts, we can fly to the glory of your maternal arms.”