Relationship is the Way!  The following is a continuation of the teaching on relational prayer.

Begin by making an act of faith in the truth that the God of all creation, who made you, who keeps you in being, and who loves you infinitely, is looking upon you now.  That love never changes because God cannot change.  Believe in his love for you and enter into the grace of prayer.


Be totally honest about your thoughts, feelings and desires right now

What is happening in your heart, in relation to the Lord Jesus who looks at you now?

What is the main thought, feeling or desire that you are aware of now?

Nothing happening…, how do you feel about the nothing?


Do not just think about God but talk with God.

Be as honest as possible – not holding anything back from God who loves you.

Psalm 139, “Lord you probed me and you know me…all my ways lie open before you.”

Pay attention to what you do not want to say and speak to God about that.

Relate it all to the living God who is with you.


Listen with all your spiritual senses. Be patient and do not be afraid of the silence.

Perhaps you will hear an

interior voice speaking softly in your mind and heart that brings you peace. Perhaps a

word or phrase from

Scripture, or a memory, or a song will hit you in a new way. Pay attention to these and

receive God’s love for

you in that experience.