The following quote is from a spiritual father of mine, Fr. Richard Gabuzda who is now a priest in the Archdiocese of Omaha Nebraska.  He has taught me a lot about integrating faith and prayer into daily life, which I hope to share with you all.  I will try to unpack this quote in my corner during the next weeks of Lent.  It is like my personal mission statement and how I look at life.  I hope this information help to give us a better internal map of how to follow God’s will for us personally and as a parish.

“For all Christians, the mystery of the Blessed Trinity reveals to us that God is a communion of love, a relationship of three Persons in one God.  The desire of this all-holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit is to draw all creatures into the intimacy of this loving communion.  This begins with the gifts of faith and baptism through which one becomes a Christian; the relationship with the Trinity and in the church established through these gifts gives one a new identity.  The one baptized in Christ lives in him, is strengthened and nourished through the sacramental life of the church and thus lives the church’s mission as the Body of Christ.

To sum up:  relationship with the Blessed Trinity establishes one’s identity and sends one on mission in the life of the church.”  Fr. Richard Gabuzda

Please continue to pray for the work of our Parish Pastoral Council.  We could not meet last month due to the snow, however our work in March will prepare us to receive input from all of you which will guide our work in developing a mission statement for our parish family.