As you may know, as time goes on, there are fewer priests to serve the people of our Diocese. That means that in some cases, one priest is being assigned as Pastor at two parishes. The arrangement is already the norm at 24 parishes around the five counties of our Diocese, and this year, because of the declining number of priests, it became necessary to do it at the parishes in South Bethlehem and Fountain Hill.

      Currently, there are 3 Pastors in South Bethlehem and Fountain Hill. But starting June 21, 2022, Father Potts is retiring from St. Ursula Parish. Based on the priests available for the eighty parishes of the Diocese of Allentown, only 2 Pastors will be available for assignment for the 4 parishes in this area. The current Pastor of Incarnation, Father Kozak, will be pastor of Holy Ghost, where he currently serves as pastor, and St. Ursula. I am going to remain your Pastor here at Holy Infancy, and I also am being assigned as Pastor of Incarnation of our Lord Parish.

Both Holy Infancy and Incarnation will remain as independent parishes. Both church buildings will remain open. However, because there will be only one priest as Pastor of both parishes, there will need to be some changes.

  • It will be necessary for me to make some changes in the weekend Mass schedules. (There is no change to the daily Mass schedule.)

  • We will be eliminating one English Mass from both Holy Infancy and Incarnation Parish Schedules.

  • For Holy Infancy, this will mean we will no longer have our 5:15 PM Vigil Mass on Saturday evening.

  • Everyone is welcome to attend the 4:15 PM English Vigil Mass at Incarnation that I will be celebrating with Confessions beforehand starting at 3:00 PM.

  • Incarnation Parish does have 50 spots available for parking whereas on Saturdays at Holy Infancy we have to pay to park in the city lot or on the streets. Incarnation Church also has an elevator for easier access.

  • All of the Sunday Masses will remain the basically same at Holy Infancy. The Sunday Portuguese Mass will move slightly, to 8:15 a.m., not 8 a.m.

  • Incarnation Parish will no longer have the 9:00 AM Mass on Sunday. They will still have the Polish Mass at 11 AM Mass celebrated by Fr. Kozak.

Anyone will be able to attend Mass either here or at Incarnation. You can put your collection envelopes in the basket at either parish, and be assured that your contributions will be directed toward Holy Infancy. The Mass intentions from the Masses that will be eliminated at Holy Infancy will be combined with other Masses.  If there are any questions about a particular Mass intention, please call the rectory or email us at Thank you for your understanding as we go through this transition together with faith, knowing that Jesus will unite us more to Himself and each other and will bless us through ever challenge.



Pentecost Vigil

Everyone is invited to join our Parish Trilingual Pentecost Vigil on Saturday, June 4, after the 5:15 pm Mass. Come join us to praise and glorify God and open the doors wide to our Parish for the Power of the Holy Spirit into all our lives!!



9:30 AM Memorial Day Holy Rosary at St. Michael Cemetery

Please Join us after the 9:00 AM Mass at Holy Infancy to go up to St. Michael’s Cemetery to pray the Holy Rosary for the Souls who are buried there.  It is a beautiful way to remember all those who also gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy in military service of our country.