Our big day is right around the corner.  Now is the time to bring back all the Sold Raffle Tickets, and to get your Multi-cultural Dinner Tickets.  We will receive Raffle tickets (singles or packets) up until the day of the drawing at the Rectory Office or the Dinner itself, but it is better that we have them as soon as possible to make sure we are not rushing at the last minute.  We need every family to help make this fundraiser a success for our parish family mission!
Why the raffle?
Last year, thanks to God’s blessings through this raffle, we were able to pay off the final bill of our school roof ($27,000.00) and the bills to cover necessary school renovations ($12,000.00).  This year already we had to replace slates on the church roof and need to fix other parts of the church and Rectory roofs.  We have to do more work on the church steeple slate shingles, continue painting parts of the school and other work around the church and rectory.
Remember: Please bring any sold raffle tickets to the Rectory after Jan. 29th!
May God bless you for your ongoing support of your parish family!