God has been so good to us!  He always manifests His goodness when hearts are open to receive His blessings.  He has manifested His grace of unity in our parish family in a powerful way through the success of our Raffle and Dinner Fundraiser. So together let us praise God for these needed funds.
We also thank God with all our heart for the new bonds of unity that He has formed in our diverse parish family through this Raffle and Dinner Celebration.  So many people helped in organizing, promoting, selling tickets, preparing food, and making donations, that we will never be able to thank everyone by name.  But in a special way, we thank all those members of our fundraising committee, who since last year, have been preparing for these events.  We also thank our counting crew who put in a lot of hard work every week to make sure all the tickets and money were accounted for.  Jesus was working in us all to give success to the work of our hands!
My desire is that we see the Unity that Jesus forms in us through our active participation of the Holy Eucharist every Sunday.  These moments of success in other activities are just a fruit of what Jesus is doing in us all the time at Holy Mass.  These fruits of joy in the sacrifice, love for one another, and hope for the future will multiply as we give ourselves more fully to the Father, with Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit!  It is why we can say Holy Infancy is My Parish, My Family!