I wanted to spread the good word about the work of the Cay Galgon, Life House, here in Bethlehem.  I hope that we can support this good work as a parish family.

      In 2012, our center opened at the former St. Simon and Jude Convent, Bethlehem, named after Cay Galgon, a wonderful woman, community leader, and champion for pregnant women and their unborn babies. The former convent was renovated into a beautiful group home with seven rooms for homeless pregnant women. From the beginning, this home has been central to our work, where our focus has been on healthy pregnancies, educational/vocation support, and housing.

      Over the years, our services have expanded to include services for pregnant women, mothers, and their families throughout our community, where we meet the needs of more than 500 women each year. Our services and case management provide urgent needs and relational support for women from pregnancy through their child’s first birthday.

   Client Services, Housing, and Economic Empowerment are at the heart of our work and are woven into all aspects of our programs. We have established partnerships with other organizations that provide supportive services, and we collaborate with other local Lehigh Valley agencies to provide resources and the best outcomes for our clients.

    Cay Galgon’s legacy was her tenacious, active fight for the most vulnerable in our communities, and this fight continues daily through our work as we prepare pregnant women and mothers of infants for a life of self-reliance.




Join us for an outdoor Mass at St. Michael cemetery on Monday, July 4th at 9:00 AM.  (There will be no Mass in church that day)