All mothers who wish to be true to their high calling need only look to the woman who became the greatest mother of all.  Born into humble surroundings, she was called by God to be the mother of the Son of God.  She affirmed her obedience to the call

of God and lived out her vocation throughout her entire life.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, our Blessed Mother, is the true model of motherhood.

“It can thus be said that women, by looking to Mary, find in her the secret of living their femininity with dignity and of achieving their own true advancement.  In the light of Mary, the Church sees in the face of women the reflection of a beauty which mirrors the loftiest sentiments of which the human heart is capable: the self-offering totality of love; the strength that is capable of bearing the greatest sorrows; limitless fidelity and tireless devotion to work; the ability to combine penetrating intuition with words of support and encouragement” (St. John Paul II, Redemptoris Mater).


Multicultural Fest


Friday, June 15th from 5:00-10:00 pm

Saturday, June 16th from Noon-10:00 pm

We want the few, the brave, the Holy Infancy Volunteer Core to contact Lidia DaSilva-Araujo at or the rectory at or 610-866-1121 to get ready to have some fun!

BE A SPONSOR!  In addition to our larger sponsors, I ask every parishioner to consider sponsoring this event to help our Parish and School by donating $100 and your name will appear on a special list of our Booklet!


Portuguese Heritage Day Committee is also in need of great volunteers for Friday, June 8th and Saturday June 9th. We invite anyone in the Parish to contact Jorge Rauen at and Antonio Dias at to express your interest in volunteering. No need to speak Portuguese but enjoy Portuguese food and culture.