On Sunday, January 7th, after the celebration of the Epiphany / Three Kings, we will begin packing up everything in Church and Sacristy to prepare for the floor and pew work.  All Church services will take place in Msgr. Butler Hall starting Monday, January 8th.

All the pews will be removed on Monday, January 8th.  Although most of the available pews have been reserved, you can call or email the Rectory office to see if there are any left over.    We are accepting donations for the pews.  We hope to sell or recycle some of the wood from the other larger pews for other uses in the Church.

Since we just renovated Msgr. Butler Hall and will be using it as a Church starting January 8th, regular meetings on Butler Hall can take place but without any food or drinks until the renovations are finished.  However, the chairs must be returned to their places after the meetings.  Out of reverence for the Holy Eucharist, when there are meetings that will not be focused on prayer before Our Lord, we will remove the Most Blessed Sacrament from the Tabernacle.

Anyone who would like to help on Sunday, January 7th after the 12 Noon Mass, to prepare the areas, help pack up and move items in the church, (books, baptismal font, old pulpit, etc.) please call or email us to let us know – holyinfancybethlehem@gmail.com or 610-866-1121 ext. 4.