Daily:  (Eng.)6:30am, 12:15pm, (Sp.)7:00pm Mon & Fri

Saturday: (Eng.)8:00am, 5:15pm, (Sp.)7:00pm

Sunday: (Eng.)7:15am, 11:45am, (Port.)8:30am (Sp.)10:00am

Evenings Before Holy Days: (Eng.)5:15pm

If Holy Day is on a Tuesday: (Sp.) Day prior (Monday) 7pm, (Eng.) Day of (Tuesday) 5:15pm

Holy Infancy – My Parish, My Family

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“Construction on Holy Infancy, first called Church of the Nativity, started in 1863 on land donated by the Moravians…

The parish’s first church was very small — measuring 70 feet by 40 feet…”  

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The Journey of Faith and Prayer during Lent:


Relationship is the Way!  Pray again with Jesus’ Baptism by John in the Jordan (Matthew 3:13-17).  This time remember what God spoke to your heart in the last encounter when you prayed with this passage and now continue the conversation from where you left off.

In this new continued conversation, focus now on what the Father said to Jesus, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”  But allow yourself to hear the Father saying to you, “You are my beloved child.”

Stay in the relationship and whatever comes up in your heart, even anything about your sinfulness or your guilt, tell Jesus what you are feeling.

Then, allow Jesus to tell you how He feels about you.  Do not just think about how you think of yourself.  Consider how Jesus looks on you in the present moment.  This is Jesus who became man so He could die for you.  Allow the truth of His loving gaze come upon you and penetrate the depths of your soul.

Settle down and stay focused on receiving that loving gaze.  Be patient and receive God’s love for you.  Be renewed in this loving relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that you are called to enjoy.  It is in this living relationship, freely given to you in the Sacraments, the desires of your heart will be fully satisfied.