Congratulations to all who received your first Holy Communion this weekend!  This is such a sacred time in the lives of our children.  We pray they will remember this first encounter of our Eucharistic Lord with great joy and reverence!  It is a good time to remind ourselves about how we are to receive Our Lord Jesus!

If you are going to receive on the tongue, you should keep certain things in mind. First, the head should be bent back slightly, and the head should be held erect, but kind of tilted back. The tongue should come out over the bottom teeth, equal with the bottom lip, so that the priest has someplace to put the Host. Sometimes people come up with their teeth clenched, and you wonder, “How am I going to get our Lord into that mouth?

If you’re going to receive in the hand, the best way is to put one hand down and put the other hand on top of it and make, as Tertullian used to say, a kind of throne for the Lord. When the priest puts the Host on your hand, you say, “Amen.” Take a step or two to the side to make way for the next communicant, then receive our Lord. Communion should not be received on the run, as you’re walking back to your place; it should be consumed before you leave the area below the altar.